Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tips To Have A Sound Sleep

The weekend holidays make me lazy.... I want to sleep, sleep & sleep a lot! But what happens actually is just the reverse. Ask why?.... because often I take a nap in the day, and suffer horrible sleeplessness in the nights.

Gradually, insomnia causes many health & beauty problems like acne, puffy eyes, wrinkles, dullness, backpain, headache, hairloss. Even a single-day-sleep-disturbance increase irritability and hampers effectiveness. This made me find out some tips that can help me and all my friends as well. Because 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep is necessary for everyone. Here are the tips --

1) If you take a long nap in daytime; it’s difficult to fall asleep early at night. My short nap always becomes long, so just avoid it.
2) Avoid heavy dinner before sleeping, take light foods at regular intervals in the day.
3) Take a glass of warm milk before going to bed.
4) Smoking increases restlessness; so give it up. Sounds difficult enough? Just try it!
5) Listen to cool music, read a book that interests you or try meditation for a few minutes.
6) Our body needs to feel completely relaxed; take a warm bath at night.
7) Sleep straight; let the hands, legs & back loose.
8) Use pillow comfortable enough to support your head & neck. Should neither be too soft nor hard and must be of proper height.
9) Keep the bedroom quite & dark, or use one lovely dim light/lamp/bulb etc.

If I ask you to set aside all your worries & relax, it would be useless. I know problems are the main reason to restlessness. But the above are practical tips. Change your lifestyle a little, and have a beautiful sleep. Try to practice as many as you can, and tell me the works!

Wish you a wonderful sleep & beautiful dream tonight!!!


  1. I never sleep well, so this was really helpful!! I think I got used to not having much sleep during midterms :( I'll try all these tips for sure!! Thanks for sharing♥


  2. Yes, Exams can take away sleep, and can make you feel too sleepy as well (when things start going out of mind) :)

    Sometimes me too suffer restless nights!

  3. This are great hints- thank you for sharing! It's true that we have to sleep, and we have to sleep well, or else it we don't feel rested!

    Claudia from Molto ❤ Fashion

  4. nice share friend, i like your article. Because i want to have health sleep :)



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