Friday, February 22, 2013

Lady Pointe Shoes By Noritaka

18 inch high heel - Can you imagine?
No wonder this special shoes have been crafted for some extra special personality. If you have often visited my blog or a fan of the celebrity fashion world, you must guess who is crazy about wearing odds and out-of-the-box style. Yes, again it's for Lady Gaga! She worn in a scene of her 'marry the night' video clip, and this unique pair of  high heels are appropriately 'gaga' shoes by japanese designer noritaka tatehana  Recently, it's been a part of the exhibition "Shoe Obsession" in New York. This is the second highest shoe Noritaka Tatehana made for her.

How wonderful she looks in these shoes - the queen of most unusual fashion - one and only Lady Gaga!

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