Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lumio: The Smartest Lamp

It is said that a book brings out the hidden light of life and unfolds the path of knowledge. Look, this actually brightens your day and night. Some books are meant to be read....... and some are meant to lit up the light. It has all the shape, size and color like a hard-cover book. But LUMIO is a designer lamp that opens just like a book.

Artistically created by indonesia-born US-based designer Max Gunawan, this amazing book-lamp unfolds into multiple lighting possibilities: accent light, ceiling pendant, emergency light, outdoor lantern, table lamp and wall sconce. Don't consider it merely for the sake of 1-minute decoration and useless in reality. In fact it can be very useful with 8 hours of continuous battery life and portable design. So Lumio is the most  convenient cordless lighting possibility on-the-go.

Must watch below how Lumio opens up into a night lamp and looks like dancing peacock while fully unfold.


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