Thursday, April 25, 2013

How To make Doughless Pizza

I always thought about why my favorite potato topping is missing from worlds best pizza menu. But it seems time to feel happy for me. Not just the topping, but the base of this new pizza is potato instead of not-so-healthy carbohydrates.

Sometimes I wondered if pizza restaurants can offer spiceless pizza, cheeseless pizza, sauceless pizza, but not doughless pizza. Doesn’t it make sense that if we get to customize the toppings, we should also be able to customize the crust? Now my search comes to an end. This is the most creative way to recreate pizza theme. Thanks to the chef! let me describe in a nutshell - here you will find all sorts of your favorite toppings, with slices of colorful vegetables or hot crispy chicken. But the regular pizza base is missing; in fact its more interesting & tasty too.

On the pictures you can see the cheese is layered on top of finely sliced potatoes or long noodle & pasta of that kind. so the base is created cheese is properly spread and fixed to the ingredients. Than any other topping or decorations can be placed over it. Isn't that a great idea for this coming weekend..... try your customized wonderful pizza at home!

1 comment:

  1. Crust made with potatoes sounds very interesting. Over here we can customize the crust, again depending where we eat. Oh yes, I can see the creativity as from the last picture and its really good.



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