Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What do you think is more precious- food or jewelry?

Well, you may try to find out your answer here! Food can not be made out of jewelry, but a very attractive neckpiece is possible through food grains. Here is one; the Hunger designed by Kali Arulpragasam. This party-wear designer necklace is a created over things we can never imagine! Trust me friends, it is composed of sweet corn, bean, lentils and rice. Yah, now you can distinguish the grains from the familiar shapes & sizes. The total weight is some 360gms of stuff. Quite heavy for your delicate neck! But I think one can happily bear the burden, when it’s the matter of such a nice jewelry.

Often we have seen that vegetables are beaded and decorated for the hot fashion shows. Oh’ how funny that looks! If you can recall, sometimes wearing eatables are found in the protest against rising prices of food…. I can’t ignore it completely, for Kali seems to have been inspired from all these – in the eyes of extreme poverty, food is much more precious than gold and silver.

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