Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The incredible design of Living Lounge

If I have the freedom to express my thoughts, I would say Living Lounge is the sculpture of a bulky lazy fellow resting on the lawn. But the source of inspiration lies in something I can hardly imagine. This chic looking living lounge is a luxurious piece of furniture that translates 20th Century European Roadster into a chaise, gesture suggesting an impression that it has a life of its own adding to its splendor. This is designed by Joel and Janci Green of JGreen Design.

It’s a stylish lounge that will sit smartly to give a classy look to the entire room you live in! No wonder that the unique piece of furniture is a 2008 Niche Awards winner; judged by the criteria like - technical excellence, both in surface design and form, market viability, a distinct quality of unique, original and creative thought. And the price is as high as its beauty - $7500. Ouch! But I think this is very reasonable for a splendid piece like this Living Lounge. What do you say?

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