Friday, April 8, 2011

Tips To Create Spring Nail Designs

Look what I got for you lovely ladies – attractive girly nail designs! It’s time to come out and celebrate the joy of heart. Spring symbolizes all things bright, flowery and smiling. Let your nails express the theme of the season. As you love experimenting the types of fabrics and design of clothes, make changes in nail art as well. It will open up your heart! Tips for spring nail designs:

· Use bright shades of colors. Shiny nail polishes are preferred. If you love matte finish, use it as base coat only.

· Pink and yellow are perfectly girly and funky than the rest!

· Try dotted pattern, it looks sportive and joyous.

· Create your own design but maintain uniformity. Or else it’ll look random.

· If getting ready for a party, must use sparkling stars, sequins and other readymade embellishments. It’s stunning!

Very soon I’ll post my own keep visiting!!!

1 comment:

  1. These are such pretty designs. I presume they take a long time to create?



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