Thursday, January 19, 2012

White Swan Collection 2012

If you are a fan of Oriental fashion costume I don’t need to introduce Obaid Sheikh, the Pakistani designer. This time he has experimented with three colors – white, white & only white...aptly named as “The White Swan Collection”. With contrast to his earlier gorgeous embroidery works, the latest collection is an expression of simplicity; in fact the beauty of simplicity. But yes, don’t even dare to imagine this as dull or boring just for being white, because we find varieties of newness in fabric texture and designs. The entire range has many designs of frock style gowns with net work, pleated patterns and bead-type exaggeration. White is my all-time favourite and I am sure you gonna love it for a special date!

Obaid Sheikh's latest collection .


  1. gorgeous!! those designs are stunning!

    oh haha i think my pink necklace is made out of plastic.. nothing special haha :)

  2. thanks for stoppping by Jyoti..
    here's the veg biryani link
    give a try & enjoy

    & the outfits are absolutely eye catchy
    Tasty Appetite



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