Monday, March 21, 2011

High Heel Chair Shoes

Well, it seems like a nice muscle-stretch or leg-stretch exercise!

Measure the height of your fashion frenzy! Now wear some furniture on the beautiful heels you have. This is obviously not my choice of thing, but I am happy to share. It’s unique. If you are not satisfied with all those contemporary artificial beauty-implants-type-stuff, pamper yourself with this chair shoes.

I am not so gifted with enough height, but certainly will not go with this. If anyone already own a pair please tell me how comfortable it is to wear. Have a happy cat-walk!


  1. WOW, they look CRAZY to me. Who would wear that?? :)

  2. O.O I could wear lady gaga heels but not this one lool!XD

  3. If get a chance I must love to try, but don't think I can walk

  4. very creative shoes, but must be a pain to wear



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