Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yummy Gulab Jamun (Sweets)

I think sweets can bring a beautiful smile to anyone’s heart. And if it’s something that’s soft, creamy, super aromatic and easily made, no one can help but swallow all at once. Gulab Jamun is such a nice dessert that can fit into any occasion or without any occasion as well. I always use the ready-made mix powder and hence got this recipe from the pack instruction. It’s never have been a failure. No need to preserve, because the entire bowl is finished within a day (at least in my home) haha.

What we need – 1 pack gulab Jamun Mix 200ml (Gits/Amul/Ashirvaad/MTR/Priya or any brand you like), 500 ml sugar, Ghee (clarified butter) for deep frying, water 50 ml.

Method – First Make the sugar syrup by boiling 500 ml sugar and 400 ml water. Now mix water with entire pack of powder; knead well to make a smooth dough. Apply little oil on both palms and make small balls. Deep fry them till golden brown and put into sugar syrup while still hot. Cover for 10-15 minutes and see the size. It’s almost double the size of original balls and rich in syrup. Enjoy hot or cold...Perfect!!! Yummy !!!

Love to participate in these food parties :)

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  1. yum,yum yummmmy..
    I Always Love Gulab jamun :) its a compulsory dessert for festivals in Pakistan !!

  2. Deliciously inviting gulab jamun. Simply irresistible.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. Spongy juicy jamuns looks fabulous..

  4. Yes, it tastes best when as soft as melts in mouth. Try once with sweetened condensed milk....superb!

  5. My hubs fav, he can eat 10 in one go :))
    Beautifully made n looks utterly delicious!

  6. Looks utterly delicious, my all time favourite sweet.

  7. Yummy ^^ I love food
    We have lots of cookbooks please visit

  8. You must love it Felix!
    Will visit your juice ideas soon :)



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