Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Celebrity Tattoos – How Much They Love It?

While some celebrities feel proud of their tattoos (Angelina Jolie), some utterly hate them. So you are not alone who want to get rid of this beauty-mistake. Years back, Peaches Geldof had such a big tattoo mania that she has some 20 tattoos – mostly ex-boyfriends names - inked on her body; a combination of small and long detailed ones? The first one she made while 14 years old, now blames her father for letting her have them ???? Poor Peaches, I think you can change your clothing style to hide those body arts. Lol!

One more name in this line is Melanie Chisholm, the earlier Spice Girl singer you may know. Now regrets of her tattoos. Why these celebrities fall prey to such fashion mistakes that they can never ever change? Dear friends, think twice before you go forward to make a permanent design on your ONLY beautiful skin. Thank God, I don’t have a single tattoo yet!


  1. great post!

    they sure are addicting "/ lol

  2. You are right! Tattoos do look fashionable, but clear skin is more fashionable, isn't it? After the initial feel-good factor, people get bored of them and then, it is too late! I am happy that I never had tattoo fever!

  3. Nice post...hope people get over the tattoo fad soon!



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