Thursday, April 16, 2015

DIY Magic Bowls

It's time again to create something new, something wonderful! Because its summer time and why not use the spare-time in learning beautiful ideas. Do you remember
that chocolate art or balloon art I posted long back? Ok, not a matter. Let's take a look at these fabulous DIY crafty stuffs that inspires us a lot. What you need is just simple - base things are balloon and glue. Except that choose anything of your preference, like buttons, glitters, sequins or tiny cut papers. I mean to say it must be colorful or shiny. So that the bowls will come out quite magical; miraculously pretty. Please scroll down below to see how these beautiful bowls are created.

Thanks to Alex and Tada.

diy ideas balloon bowl DIY Yarn Bowls craf5

diyproject DIY Jewelry Bowl

diy ideas balloon bowl DIY Yarn Bowls craf2


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