Wednesday, March 11, 2015

09 Magic Numbers : Meant To Make Us Smarter

Friends, you might have played numerous number games till now. But I would say, 09 Magic Numbers is the coolest one I have ever played with. One amazing and unique concept app. It’s an exciting story,
where the characters are simple numbers from zero to nine. I feel like quite addicted since I have started playing this game. Whenever I have a few minutes break, can’t wait to tap my fingers on this nice app. It’s a puzzle; it’s a great fun to play with. Thank God, after long I have downloaded a mobile app that’s not only enjoyable but also makes me smarter, sharper and faster.

Can you see those nine blocks each having a single digit (except the center one)? So the task is just to drag and drop numbers one after another to the middle and match the target number at the end. No matter if you don’t meet the required number at once. Start afresh! Go on. Tell me, how many retakes you needed to complete the first board you played! And yes, there are numerous boards…… so unlimited fun!

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