Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Breakfast Made Supper Yummy

Love, love, love them all. What a nice innovative breakfast idea. In this way, simple bread, butter, jam can look supper yummylicioyus. Sometimes random thoughts may lead to something extraordinary and turn you into
a stylish chic mom. Experiemnts in food and recipes are anot always happily accepted at our homes. But there is no doubt that these sweet twist on the plates are sure go a long way. Not only kids but even you and I can grab all at once. Well, the creative designing, cutting and adjusting pieces on plate can take few minutes more than serving usual snacks, but they are the winner craft, I must say.

I love the patients on their beds very much. And what about the long-legged spiders and some hungry frogs? Isn't that people on the mini boat look so funny. I think, Anne must be wondering about new ideas every day and night. She's a wise mom who knows the trick how to let the kids eat all we want. Love them all.

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