Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Design Chic: Polyhedrons and Pots

OMG designs! Tell me if you have any perfect words in you mind for this super idea of polyhedrons and pots? It's like giving a 3D shape to the virtual imagination of techno-art. Yes, we may take some time to analyse and understand this, but we must appreciate the out of the box talent. it's a combination of mathematics, innovation, technological mind, feminine ideas  and green thoughts. The credit goes to iAN Yen & Design YxR

So let's have a look what yanko design talks about it --

"It sounds a bit complicated, but the explanation is worth the effort – apparently there are only five regular polyhedrons in the world, and the dodecahedron is the most stable shape of them. Using this shape in an innovative form, we have the 12 Faces of Structure – Potholder; an interesting take on geometry.
As he explains it, “I have tried to disassemble the dodecahedron as two halves with 6 structures of each as a potholder on the table. When using, just take a half and unfold on the table so you could put the pot on it. It could be combined as a dodecahedron again with its magnet core.”An interesting interface!"

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