Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Make Your Own Egg Shell Vase

No matter what the season is, we have eggs in the kitchen all the time. Right? Because that makes a part of our daily diet. Now these vase made of eggs are not just be a part but can be the most beautiful part of your shiny days. This is a simple creative DIY idea of Lucy from Craftberry Bush.

To me it looks like love-inspired, because it’s rose. As simple as it looks: what we need are few used egg shells, glue or candle to fix them and one mirror or glass base to make the piece reflective and more attractive. Set it somewhere on the top. So that keep safe from the reach of naughty kids and super active pets. I am happy that it’s a green recycled project. Replace it with red rose and gift to your sweetheart; decorate it in your romantic bedroom....fantastic idea!

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