Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ant Photography – Discover A New World!

Once again I must tell you this is real photography and not a hand painted picture. Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov has an unusual passion for ant photography. He takes insane macro pictures of this microscopic creature to tell us the unspoken story of their beautiful tiny world. Pavlov spends hours playing with them and posing them to get the perfect shot. Yes, at first it’s hard to believe that they are real. But why not? Do we ever think about such an interesting job? And even if we imagine, never dare to practically do so. Reasons are many. Haha! Just go on scrolling and discover some of the amazing pictures ..... looks like a dreamworld.

You can visit the artist's gallery here!


  1. cute!!!

  2. That is a very surreal photograph. Ants really are amazing. Thanks for dropping by my blog and following!

  3. Tiny but the most beautiful creatures.
    Even bees are that amazing

  4. Very cute...never thought Ants will be so cute...



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