Tuesday, April 17, 2012

World’s First Lickable wallpaper

One tasty story to tell you guys – Lickable Wallpapper! I don’t know if you eat cookies this way in your home, but this is certainly new for me.
Jaffa Cakes has designed cookie flavoured wallpaper for a particular elevator. Interesting!!! Yes, you can’t eat them, just lick them. Because they are on the wall .... not on the plate. Lol! It took four weeks to develop this elevator with a total of 1325 cookies decorated from top to bottom. Are you hesitating to taste one that someone else has already tasted? Well, not to worry. The bell boy removes them each time it's used. So go on.... how much can you lick on a single ride?  Be sure to take a break and enjoy the most funny site – all people licking the wall :)

This is what called 'Fun On The Go'. 

What better entertainment can we expect on a lift? Superb idea!


  1. cool idea XD but I'm worried of that saliva that dropped there. xD

  2. Very innpvative way to eat something from the wall indeed.

  3. I have a good idea; this can be a nice funny game for kids party !!!

  4. Hahahaha I like the idea except the germs bit :/

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