Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hamburger Bed ... Sleep Delicious ... Dream Delicious

I was not a great hamburger fan since I tasted McDonald burgers. Sometimes I feel crazy for that! But now it seems burgers can do more than just filling a hungry belly. Food is always been the best friend of men, and that’s why people imagine sleeping with
what they love. 

I have seen pizza bed for kids. That was a slice of pizza. But this one is a complete burger. I must call it a smart design, because it has everything – mattress, top cover, cheese and veg pillows. It may make you hungry at the middle of night.... or you may dream something so sweet. Lol! Looks comfortable enough, though I am not a sleep director; nor even enjoyed this hamburger bad. But love to try once !!!

Take a look into some tempting bed designs

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