Monday, April 9, 2012

Bubblegum Machine Dress For Bubble Blowing Geeks

 If you are still fantasizing to get back the childhood days, yes you can! Wear this mini, stylish, super-cool bubblegum dress to feel happy and jolly. I call it for kids because I am not a big fan of chewing bubblegum 24/7. But you might be my fellow folks. Fashion designers bring out many new trends but this one is unique. 

This dress is a cotton/synthetic mixed fabric with a one inbuilt red felt gumball machine on the front. These mini balls are actually neon beads to look even more attractive. The bubble part of the machine is seen through and hold loose gumball beads. Vibrant colourful Gumballs are as if popping out of the Candy dress. Comes with all sizes and back invisible zipper to fit you best. 

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