Saturday, April 21, 2012

LED Dresses And Fiber Optic Fashion

If you want to look gorgeous, wear not just something bright but sparkly LED light.  Better known as the night club fashion or Disco fashion LED dresses are favourite among the youngsters. And why not .... it’s so eye-catchy.

This brilliant idea was first introduced by one Parisian company as lighting fabrics used in bedroom furnishing to emit different colors of light along the whole length of the clothes. Within a short time, the design was beautifully incorporated in stylish outfits; known as the nightclub fashion. Earlier only few lines were used on top or bottom to make it highlighted. Now the whole garment – skirt, top, trousers - is made to look lighted; isn’t that’s super sexy? Absolutely love it!!!

I have a green idea for you- use your old clothes, make one recycled dress and knit some fiber optics into it. It would be great. I mean how smart, cool, chic and pretty modern design it sounds. Right?

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