Monday, May 9, 2011

Benefits Of Jaggery

Jaggery is prepared from sugarcane molasses; it’s the unrefined brown sugar. Better known as the medicinal sugar. It’s available in many forms like solid blocks, liquid, powder or small random pieces. All are equally good to consume.

Health benefits it carries -

1.Unlike sugar, jiggery is good source of iron and other mineral salts. That’s why eat a teaspoon of jaggery everyday to reduce anaemia.

2.It helps digestion. After a heavy meal, specially after meat, fish, oily or spicy food you can replace your digestive-pills with few spoons of jaggery. It is said to activate the digestive enzymes faster to accelerate the process.

3.Jaggery contains cleansing properties and thus clears the respiratory track, lungs and stomach. Because we are exposed to dust & pollution, jaggery is required to keep the inner system clean.

4.Another good quality is the fibre contents. It relieves constipation and so keeps the belly light & flat!

How can we eat – Minimize your sugar intake and replace with jaggery when you prepare sweet-dishes at home. Make a habit of eating small quantities with breakfast. If you don’t like just as it is, caramelize the dry fruits, peanuts etc that you love. It can be stored for long in air-tight containers.



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