Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Suri Cruise Tops UK’s Best Dressed List

This is our little miss fashion Diva. Meet Suri Cruise ( if you still unaware); daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, stands at No 21 of Glamour UK's Best Dressed Women of 2011. And look whom she left behind - Sarah Jessica Parker, Cate Blanchett, Lady Gaga and Nicole Richie! In the words of mom Holmes, she has her preferences and dislike for certain accessories and clothes. Sometimes she suggests/helps her mom getting ready. Well .......that’s quite interesting! Very soon we may see Suri launching her own fashion brand.

She’s only 5 years old, but often spotted sporting an $850 Salvatore Ferragamo purse, Ray Ban sunglasses, Marc Jacobs shoes and a Burberry coat. And yes, she already owns millions-dollar wardrobe!


  1. Celeb kids always make news. Can't see anything special in her fashion though.... My little kids also have their own choices



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