Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Floral Ice Cubes

Flower Ice cubes. What a brilliant idea to decorate the center-table! And the good thing is you can make different unique center piece everytime there is a dinner party at home.
Don't need to bother a lot or spend a lot in decorating the dining table. This is not just a beautiful idea, but it gives relaxation to mind. The very sight of flowers are soothing to eyes and re-energizes one tired mood. Making this transparent cubes are equally easy - just pick up the fresh colorful flowers (I would prefer buds at times) and set in the ice-trays. Options are many- leafs, pretty petals, bud etc.  Decorate it in a glass container before you call for the dinner. Pretty idea! This can be used for drinks as well.
Ice Cubes
rose ice cubes

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