Saturday, August 3, 2013

Innovative Designer Table

We need freshness in life. natural beauty brings freshness to a stressed mind. But how can we leave working and waste many hours just wondering aimlessly. Each day brings something new to look at - early morning, afternoon, evening and night, each changing moment has its charm. Then why should we stay locked inside home and miss everything precious?

This small-wonder BalKonzept can relieve your problem. Designed by Michael Hilgers, this innovative table or you can say shelf, helps you to use your small balcony as a working place. Even you can just hang out or have coffee, snacks with your pals, kids or with the special one. A little green plants of your choice at the top with a place for food, beverages - this is what balKonzept is all about! If there is a chance to get some fresh air, no work seems tiresome. Even we feel energetic and new ideas come to mind!

Being small, balKonzept can be carried easily and its detachable.


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