Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How To Own A Beautiful Nose

What makes your nose attractive? Perfect shape comes first to notice, but it needs proper care on a regular basis. Or else, you are likely to lose the nice gift you have.
Age dose matters, after 30, best care should be taken. Even in teenage, if you are more exposed to pollution, sunshine etc, good care is required to keep the nose beautiful. We must keep away the blackheads, pimples, acne, white patches, extreme dryness that can make the nose look ugly and consequently the entire face is suffered. Before choosing the nose surgery option, certain points should be followed to get an attractive nose -
  • Clean the skin of your nose with a cleanser that suits you. Oily skin is likely to be more affected. Thus  anti-acne cleanser is preferred.
  • Breathe in warm steam two times a week to help the nose prevent dryness, if you have. By this I mean the facial steaming. It's beneficial for the entire face.
  • Never forget to apply some moisturizer after cleansing or scrubbing the nose. It makes the nose-skin softer in long run.
  • Is your skin sensitive to sunshine? Then, optimum use of sunscreen is important for your nose.
  • If you are a traditional choice of beauty care, home made face mask is one good way to make your nose beautiful. No headache of the saloon! Natural cleansers like honey, curd, lemon, gram flour-turmuric paste can be applied. Apply and leave it for 5-10 minutes depending on your sensitivity. Rinse and wipe dry. 
  • Stay away from nose tattoo. I don't like it nor do I recommend. Let your nose be stain-free and brighter. 
  • Well, consider for a nose piercing. Small ring, white, pink or orange stone-studded nose pin can make wonder. Yes, why not? Flaunt your nose if you feel it beautiful!


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