Thursday, July 11, 2013

World’s First Interactive Smartphone Controlled Doll


As a kid I always had a great love for cute dolls, specially the stylish ones. Barbie with her gorgeous hair was the only beautiful thing for me. But now it seems a doll is not meant just to entertain the small girls. Playthings & technology is often mixed up to create something super interactive ..... I mean super interesting! Let's grow up and have fun with the updated smart dolls.
And the mega-idea is already in process in Japan. "Culture Japan otaku entrepreneur Danny Choo, the brain behind the unbelievably popular Mirai Suenaga – the mascot character for Culture Japan – is developing an interactive robotic doll, dubbed “Smart Doll”, modeled after the mascot. It is touted as being world’s first ever interactive Smartphone controlled doll." Sometimes toys are attractive for being beautiful, sometimes for high price, at times for cool tech-based useful games. But this one is a blend of beauty & brain.

So be it a Doll or techno chic, I love it the way it looks and targeted to perform smart task !



  1. Cool...really blend of beauty and brain!

  2. good one



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