Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY : Mini Pool For Small Kids

Nothing can be prettier than a mom-made toy pool. Toys are numerous once you search in the market. At the end you feel confused what to choose, what must be best for the baby and for the budget too! Sometimes that happens with me while searching online. But if you want little fun along with the babies, try making something new at home. The result will be always distinct and thus quite more interesting. Specially if the play-thing is created with arranging scattered objects in the home. In the summer time, you have liberty to try your own. Look, what this artsy mama Lindsay has made for her daughter. It's a colorful summer pool for the tiny mini toys. Playing with water is great fun for kids. Why not offer them a nice pool. That's easy and much fun to create. Keep it smaller and it would be a bath tub for princess Barbie doll. Use a bigger box if your kid's toy collection is over populated! Lol!



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