Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Go Shopping With Your Cake Before You Can Eat Them

I got bored of decorating my cakes with floral designs. Candy and bunny style look pretty but kidish, I mean fit for kids’ birthday party. So I started browsing some extraordinary ideas for small cakes and cupcakes. Next time when you design your cake must try designing like a car. ship, fashion handbag or shoes. Haha! These are just my suggestion. Because I can never be so perfect like the House Of Cake guys. Backing is fun. Let’s make the icing and decorating part super exciting.

The house of cakes is not like any ordinary cake store close to you. It has designer cakes that we might not have imagines about. Both the shape and icing is interesting. Specially I love those bags and fashion inspired ones. What’s your choice?


  1. Cant believe these are cakes...very nice

  2. OMG.... These are damn good.. Can't believe my eyes.... Superb.. Thanks for sharing

  3. Me too. At first couldn't believe these are eatable cakes. If I were nearby there, must have ordered one!

  4. ohhhhhh...woow...cant take my eyes out of your lovely creations..
    hats off to your perfection..:)
    Tasty Appetite



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