Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Tastiest Corn Recipe Ever

Last weekend while spending some good holiday time I got something very light but tempting. This is special corn fry with chickpea flour. And guess what accompanied this? Oh’ it’s a very hot powder – dried red chilli
mixed up with roasted groundnuts. Amazing combination, right?

We make all sorts of fried snacks and mostly pakoda. But crunchy corn recipe is different as it is made from fresh tender sweet corn, yet very crispy to eat. The recipe is simple. I tried and it was successful ( though second time ). Take out all the seeds from a sweet corn, add a handful of flour (besan), little salt, pinch of red chili powder, few cumin seeds and mix up with the help of few spoons of water. Too much of flour will mar the taste of corn while much water will make the batter watery. Put small portions of this mix into hot oil. Take it out from the oil when it looks crunchy and slightly golden brown. So take care a little and what pops up is unquestionably yummy!!!

Me, very lazy to narrate all in details; so manage only with this much info (as I did).Lol! Ask me if any question or doubt. Hope you enjoy, if not now you must after tasting this delicious tea time snacks.


  1. wow so simple ...It is raining here and I can see lots of fried item :-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Fried items are fav among Indian people in rainy season, where are u ? Good that u have rain!



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