Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi friends, Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you are enjoying a lot.......I don’t know how you define love. But this is my understanding and interpretation of love. Just what I feel about.....from experience mine and others’.

When you are in love, you change for some positive reasons.

Love grows stronger when interests match. When you sit together, you think, talk and act alike!

Yes, like others I must say the base of love is “trust” & “respect” to each other.

There is no beginning or destination of love, it’s just a path....enjoy your journey through it.

Conflict and sorrow also exist in real love, but coming out of that is the prettiest thing in this world!

Love survives only when you are ready, or work hard on compromise and sacrifice.

Many more things to share, but pages are not long enough to note them all. Please let me know how you perceive love and how far I am right or wrong?

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