Thursday, June 23, 2011

What makes the best cup of tea?

I am taking tea as I write this post. No doubt it’s the best mood-refresher. But is my cup of tea the best in taste and goodness? What’s the secret of the best cup of tea? There are so many researches still going on, but all have their own preferences for the hot I have my own. Yet, make a change next time you prepare tea, and see how better and more relaxing it feels!

  • The ideal brewing time is 2 minutes (for a cup). Not more than that. Too much brewing makes it less transparent, less therapeutic and obviously less aromatic. All the vitamins are lost...making it nothing more than a hot cup of water. Lol!
  • You like milk? Ok, 10 ml is good for a single cup.
  • Most common mistake – we take instantly as we make. But experts say wait for exactly minutes. This is the way when the tea tastes best.
  • Earlier I used to add too much sugar in my cup, but no good! 1/2- 1 teaspoon is perfect. Or else it tastes like sugar syrup and the real smell of tea is neglected.
  • Not taste fact, but healthy fact – Don’t take it too hot or too cold. Both are bad for teeth and throat. Avoid before and after 30 minute of meal. Indigestion and loss of appetite issues are likely to pop-up!
  • Relax, take a long breath and enjoy your warm cup of tea.....( My suggestion! ). xoxo

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  1. The best brewing time is two minutes. Less than that. Too much brewing makes it less clear, less healing and manifestly less savoury.



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