Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashion Makeover: Cat Eye Glasses

Are you still wondering how to do a complete makeover of your personal fashion statement? Go and get a pair of cat eye glasses right now! This is always hot and in-trend accessory. As I can see the style is making a comeback in 2010-11 fashion trends. If we explore, it has never been perished; rather translated into a variety of shapes.

Far from being a stand-alone trend, the resurgence of cat eye glasses and cat eye sunglasses is rooted firmly in the revival of ‘50s and early ‘60s fashion. Some designers featured them prominently in Fall - and since then a plethora of alternatives have surfaced.

Cat eye glasses and face shapes

It’s better to choose your cat eye wears according the shape of face you have. Generally a cat eye frame with rounded-out edges will work wonders for a square face or diamond shaped face. A round face can benefit from sharper edges, or large frames that curve upwards subtly. Well, there is no strict rule in fashion, so I always recommend try, try and try..... until you get the best matching to your personality.

Get the right pair of 50s-inspired glasses or sunglasses and you'll find they can work with many an outfit, from the very modern to the utterly vintage.

For those who are advised to wear glasses, it’s an opportunity to accessorise, rather than as a disadvantage. And why shouldn't we? Specs have become the accessory du jour even for those who don't require them. So regardless of whether you wear glasses by necessity or by choice, remember that an on-trend pair is the way to go.

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