Friday, August 15, 2008

Let's Have A Look Who We Are!

Sasmita: Welcome dear friends! I never feel like a short of words when something interests me a lot. Yes, I am passionate about anything and everything that is beautiful! Love wondering aimlessly, discovering various colors of life, art, fashion, fitness, beauty & creativity. Just let me know, when you visit my blog, so that I can be fortunate enough to appreciate your talent. My pleasure!

Jyoti: A textile design student. Enjoying the simple-silly-lovely things of life....travelling, sketching, gardening, cooking, reading, shopping, music and playing with kids! Writing about all these stuff is such a great fun. Be my friend & let’s share everything we love :)
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  1. Hi Jyoti!! I just saw your comment on my Strawberry Fields of Satire blog! It was a couple of weeks ago and I'm so sorry I have not written you back.

    thanks for reading my blog...I love big jewelry and statement pieces. I am finally updating it today with some funny stories but please check out my newest blog at and let me know what you think. I'm enjoying what I'm reading on you blog! I'll follow you on twitter also! Happy Monday!



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