Friday, September 26, 2014

Memory Match Game

May I guess what your kids are fond of? Isn't that bright colors, funny animals and birds, yummy foods, funny sounds and sportive images attract the young ones in a great way? Yes,
Memory Match Kids is a combination of all such cool stuffs. It's a simple game recently developed by the smart Appovative guys. I bet your kids will get addicted to within few minutes. It''s colorful, playful and greatly educative for the little boys and girls, even preschool children can play it well. There are so sweet animation attached to the objects like clouds, house, sun etc! Mom and kids can play together to make it a more happy learning. 

My kid loves it so much that she plays till late in the night..... till we snatch it from her...... or pretend to sleep. Not just kids, even I or you can choose it as a best time-pass, while waiting for someone or something!

One best idea for chic moms - let your kids play with this lovely Android app Memory Match Kids and get all your household works finished quickly without any disturbance by them. Isn't that a super cool suggestion?

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