Thursday, August 7, 2014

Video Game Inspired Cake

Guess, why I am absent from our blog for so long? Because more than writing, I like discovering new games and App these days. Reason; with a growing kid, what can be more interesting to deal with? Yes, recently I have not only browsed, downloaded and tried new games, but also made many food decorations with similar themes. Of course, they are not great enough to be shared here. But I have some interesting stuffs to share that I have got from the internet.  have a look at these nice cute cakes and recipes. Best for little kids. Hope you like them and share your own favorite App inspired or game inspired food.

Love these ideas. Keep browsing.... keep inventing ! Please let us know what are the great theme cookies, pastry, cake, cupcake or salads you have tried and anything special that you have to tell us.

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