Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Most Expensive Barbie Doll Ever

This is not just the prettiest, but the most expensive Barbie doll as well. Can you guess why? The latest version of this doll is beautifully decorated with countless fake diamonds and it costs $15,000. Designed by Phillipe and David Blonde, her gorgeous mini costume is hand-crafted and includes gems all-over. Even all her matching accessories from top to bottom are loaded with numerous pink gems. So it’s named as Pink Diamond Barbie Doll – the dream of every baby girl.

I am happy that it’s meant for charitycause. Though the bid has reached just half the price till now. Proceeds from the sale will go to benefit the MAC Aids Fund organization. But it’s too expensive to gift to a child, be that a celebrity kid. I wish this should not be a mere plaything in a spoiled naughty kid’s hand.  

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