Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black Fashion: A Twist In The Trend

Gothic fairytale: how would you explain it? Let’s have a look at the new noir at fall 2012 fashion. Well, colors and shades are numerous. And we think that a combination of all that makes clothing beautiful. But this show is dedicated to three colors alone – Black, Black and The Darkest Black! If you think black has no newness and it hides all designs, intricate creativity, wait and look at it. Gothic fairytales is a twist of fashion, explores magnificent beauty hidden inside this opaque darkness. We say black is bold and beautiful; let’s check it out why it’s so!

I get thousand ideas from these designs. Thanks to the creativity. Though I can’t wear fashion costumes like this, nor do I stitch them myself, but it feels good to see the pretty possibilities with black. Next time I can customize my choice of a black gown. You may as well, just check out the gallery.



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