Friday, September 7, 2012

Have A Devil's Bite

They are dangerous, they are deadliest of all evils. But now you can create horror for them, yes you can swallow them all at once! Wondering what are these strange looking items?<!-- more --> Haha...Stoyn presents 80s horror villian inspired popsicles to bring some fun into the world of ice cream lovers. More or less we all love ice-creams. To make it even more interesting, these are called ice screams. To name a few of them -
blue Curacao flavored Pinhead from Hellraiser, apple carrot puree flavored Chucky, and celery melon flavored Alien from Predator.
It mist be a great fun for the horror fans and naughty kids. A twist on the tongue, twist of taste or twist of sweettooth you can say! But wait, deadly popsicles are yet to come!

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