Saturday, November 10, 2012

How To Smell Beautiful This Diwali

Getting ready for an auspicious occasion can never be complete without wearing the perfect perfume. If you ever wish to be attractive you have to smell nice… or we can say not just nice, but best! So what’s your favorite fragrance? Mine I can’t say. Because there are so many, and I wear depending on my mood.

Are you still searching for a nice gift? Than I must suggest what can be a better idea than gift wonderful perfumes this Diwali? I have been a fan of HarveyPrince perfumes. Well, I have tried few, and they are amazing. And now I wanna try all of them. So just placed an order for the Scents Of Purpose Gift set. It’s a set of six luxurious roll-ons featuring HarveyPrince’s signature scents. They include Ageless (the anti-age perfume), Eau Flirt, Eau Fling, Eau De Lite, Coupling and Eau De Cream. Ageless is surprising because I feel younger in fact. Eau Flirt makes me smell much more attractive, says my husband! But I must review all of them, once I try. Happy aromatic Diwali.

Check out the beautiful fragrances at HarveyPrince

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