Monday, January 20, 2014

Apple Dessert : Creamy Yummy

It's a creamy smoothie kind of sweet dish. I just tried as an experiment but came out something very delicious. So yummy!
And don't worry, everybody gonna love it for sure - kids or aged. made in short time and with few easy steps. Things we need are apple, milk, custard powder of your choice, a bowl of cream, Sugar and liquid chocolate for decorating. Roughly smash peeled & boiled apples. Mix thick custard prepared with milk, sugar & custard powder (I have used strawberry essence). Blend well but leaving some mini pieces to get the taste of apple. Pour some fresh cream. Then some liquid chocolate to make it even more tempting. Ready - yes, it's that simple!

Best idea to use the leftover apples which have lost the charm & freshness.

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