Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Revlon Pacific Coast Makeup collection 2013

Revlon Pacific Coast (1)

The season is new; how can we feel ok with the older colors and shades? If you are looking for trendy summer clothes and frolic beach wear, why not your try a new makeup as well? To best suit the fun loving mood of spring and summer 2013 Revlon has launched a brand new collection with the name Pacific Coast. The interesting collection is characterized by richer blue and dynamic but natural sandy colors that create a relaxed summery ocean sprit. For the Pacific Coast collection Revlon created two new eyeshadow quads: Free Spirit and Sea Mist.

Not sparkly, but very gentle and light that you can wear day/evening time while wondering aimlessly in the sea beach. The colors in both palettes are inspired by those of the beach. For the eyes that look inviting! In the Free Spirit palette you find three blues and a sandy beige that you’d see at the beach during the day. And in the Sea Mist palette you find the deeper shades of a sunset or sunrise at the beach. Thanks to Revlon for making us beautiful!

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