Friday, August 12, 2011

Christian Louboutin Anastasia Clutch Is Too Cute!

A double-purpose handbag, I must say.... a pet & one handbag! While carrying this bag, you must feel like having a walk with the little pet. I mean doesn’t that look just like a Pomeranian? So soft and natural colour! This is made out of fox fur (Finland), ok?

Everything doesn’t need to be ultra-stylish or exaggerated in design, if it’s naturally beautiful. And so is the Christian Louboutin Anastasia Clutch. Love this sweet bag when I’m in a mood of fun! And if you wanna get, go fast at NeimanMarcus for $ 2345.


  1. The reference to a pomeranian made me a little bit iffy.

    But the color and texture is very rich.

  2. omg lol i don't think i could wear that. it would make me feel like im wearing pomeranian fur



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